The inception of knowledge and the free exchange of ideas has seen a long history of conflict between groups and ideas. It is under such a category that we find the poor reception of insurance concepts among the religious. We understand the importance of religion to their lives, and we have no such intention to undermine it. Insurance is merely a protection against financial loss, and it is in no way antagonistic to one’s faith. To take a better view, a good insurance policy serves the best interest of religious organizations.


Religious organizations often purchase a lot of property in the service of their faith. How best to hedge against the risk of uncertain loss but by getting insurance coverage? Religious organizations are also involved in many logistics and movements as they are passionate about spreading their message. They need the best policies that would cover damages and losses that may happen in transit. Some insurance policies that have been exercised in the past by insurers include packages like crime coverage that covers the financial losses incurred in case of a crime. There are good insurance packages that cover convents, monasteries, temples, and even mission schools. Insurance is comprehensive, and the religious are not excluded.