Personal Finance

How to Run a Credit Check

If you're a small business owner and find yourself in a situation where you need to run a credit check on a potential customer, it's actually quite an easy process. If you sign up for an account under Experian as a small business owner, all you need to do is provide the customer's name and email address, and you'll receive a report. More

Things to Know Before Applying For a Second Mortgage

A second mortgage usually refers to an additional home loan on the same property on which you already have one mortgage. If you own a home and find yourself in need of an infusion of cash – say, to pay for a wedding or unexpected medical expense – a second mortgage may be the right tool for you.  As with any financial scenario, each ... More

Tips for Improving Your Personal Finance

Want some tips for how to improve your personal finance? Read on for the best tips: Contribute regularly to a retirement fund and savings. Stick to a budget. Pay off all outstanding debts. Review insurance coverage. Invest. More

Four Personal Finance Tips to Teach Your Children

We develop our relationships with money – both positive and negative – as children. The examples we see from our parents, and the lessons they provide, stay with us unto adulthood and shape how we manage our finances. For this reason, it’s important to be intentional about how we speak to our children about money. Below are four lessons ... More

Top Personal Loans for Good Credit

If your credit score is 600 or higher, then these are some top-rated personal loans to look into: LightStream Marcus by Goldman Sachs Payoff SoFi Best Egg LendingClub Discover Personal Loan More

Free Credit Reports

If you're considering getting a new credit card or taking out a loan, you'll need to have a high credit score. And to do that, you need to keep your finances in check and pay off bills in a timely fashion. Here is how you can get a free credit report: Visit: Call: 1-877-322-8228 Mail an Annual Credit Report ... More

Credit Report Checklist: What to Look For

Financial experts recommend checking your credit report once per year, and it’s such an essential step to your financial health that it’s available annually for free. Still, many people are left wondering what to do next. Once you’ve accessed your credit report, what should you look for? The basic answer is errors, and here’s where ... More

How to Use Credit Cards

If you don't have experience with credit cards, you'll want to make sure you keep a few of the following tips in mind: Look into cars that offer rewards and perks. Keep yourself 30% under your credit limit. Don't miss any of your monthly payments. More

6 Big Money Mistakes People Commonly Make

We all make our fair share of mistakes in life, and financial mistakes are chief among them for many Americans. Luckily, there’s no time like the present to make a positive change. Read through these common money mistakes so that you can avoid getting into personal finance trouble that could have a lasting impact on your financial health.... More

Automate Your Savings Account

Having a savings account is absolutely important and necessary, especially to help you in emergency situations and provide a cushion that you can fall back on in case you lose your job or need to pay a large expense unexpectedly. But it can be hard to force yourself to save. A lot of people find themselves in the trap where they keep saying, ... More