Personal Finance

Responsible Credit Card Use is Good for Your Financial Health

We’ve all heard horror stories about credit card debt, and it’s enough to make a person swear off credit cards completely. However, those alarming stories aren’t the only results of credit card use. For those who utilize them responsibly, they can be an integral tool in a consumer’s financial toolbox. Let’s take a look at a few ways ... More

Personal Finance Tips to Live By

Millions of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and are consumed with worry about their financial futures. If you find yourself in this predicament and you’d like to add more financial security to your life, utilize the following personal finance tips to change your woeful money ways: Get Out of (Bad) Debt – Now! It’s true ... More

How to Take Care of Your Finances During a Pandemic

For many, the pandemic has put a strain on finances in an unprecedented way. Here are some tips for those who are struggling with money during this time: Look into state and national relief. See if existing loan companies offer deferrals or financial hardship. Be wary of fraud. Pay off debt and save where you can. Stick to a ... More

Here’s How to Access Your Credit Report for Free

Are you maintaining healthy credit? Many people don’t think about it unless they’re applying for a loan of some type, but it’s important to check your credit report annually. This is how you’ll know if there have been changes to your credit score and to ensure that all the information contained in the report is correct and error-fre... More

Boost Your Credit Score With Netflix Payments

Who knew that something as simple as having a Netflix account could help improve your credit score? If you have free service Experian Boost, it'll really be that easy. Formerly, the service only included paid off utility (internet, gas, electric) and phone bills. Now it'll include Netflix and will soon have other streaming platforms ... More

Unexpected Items That Could Show Up On Your Credit Report

If you’ve ever scanned your credit report – and you should do so annually – you’ve likely seen all the expected information: name, address, social security number, existing debts and credit applications. If you look closely, though, you may find some surprising information, as well. Here are four items you may be surprised to find on ... More

Tips for Small Businesses Post-Covid

Any small business that was hit hard by Covid-19 is now in a position where they need to totally reassess their needs and see if they need to pivot business goals to survive. Now the economy is slowly opening back up, and owners need to be mindful to make sure they don't shutter in these early days. It's also a good time to lean on any ... More

Debt Collection 101

Many consumers face calls from debt collectors from time to time. It can happen easily when life gets hectic and a bill accidentally goes unpaid. If your payment is more than 30 days past due, however, you may be turned over to a debt collection agency to collect payment and close the account. Don’t panic if this happens – you still have ... More

Personal Finance Management

For those that are trying to get their personal finances in check, there are a few easy and straightforward ways to do that, like keeping a budget and making sure you prioritize your purchases. Then you need to do things like making sure you keep your debt in a manageable place and paying off bills in time. You'll also want to make sure ... More

Use a Credit Card Responsibly to Improve Your Finances

As you likely know, or have experienced yourself, when credit cards are used irresponsibly they can lead to financial ruin. That’s why they receive a lot of attention for the negative impact they can have on personal finances. For those who utilize credit cards responsibly, however, they can be an integral tool in a consumer’s financial ... More