Six Auto Insurance Secrets Revealed

Every driver wants to make sure they’re getting the best deal on car insurance, but dealing with providers can be a bit of a tricky business. Check out the below secrets from the car insurance industry to get up to speed before you sign for your next car insurance policy. Secret #1: Car Rental Agencies are Trying to Sell You Coverage You ... More

Three Tips for Getting the Best Rates on Life Insurance

If you have debts greater than your cash savings, it’s smart to get life insurance. This protects your family in the event you die before, say, paying off your student loans or credit card debt. With so many life insurance options on the market, it’s easy to find one that suits your needs and your budget, too. However, getting the best ... More

How to Know if You Need Flood Insurance on Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

Typically, your homeowner’s insurance policy will not include flood insurance. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t need it. Since this added coverage is becoming more and more costly, you need to be thoughtful about whether it’s right for you. Below, we’ll take a look at three questions that will help you know whether flood ... More

How to Save on Your Auto Insurance

If you're looking for different ways to save money on auto insurance, read on: Compare prices between different auto insurers. Keep your credit score in top shape. Change up how you bill it. Change your deductible amount to lower your premium. More

Homeowner’s Insurance: Four Things to Know About Your Policy

Few things are more important in the realm of financial protection than having a solid homeowner’s insurance policy. In the event of a tornado, fire, theft or other unforeseen disaster, you’ll need a policy in place to safeguard against draining your savings and upending your financial goals. However, not all insurance policies are the ... More

Is Life Insurance Important for Young People?

If you’re under forty and in good health, you may be wondering whether you need a life insurance policy. In truth, life insurance acts as an important financial safeguard for everyone – not just as a tool meant for older people. Industry data shows that Millennials, in particular, simply aren’t taking out life insurance policies, even ... More

Tips for Switching Car Insurance

There are a multitude of competing car insurance companies these days, and each tries to win customers with special deals and opportunities. For this reason, it’s often worth your while to switch companies to cash in on extra savings. However, you want to make sure you switch in the proper way. Here are the tips you need to switch car ... More

Auto Insurance Perks for Safe Drivers

If you show that your auto insurance company that you're a safe driver and that you aren't high risk, then you could see a decrease in your auto insurance rates. The longer you go without getting into a car accident then the longer you'll be able to show that you're someone the auto insurance company can trust. And they'll reward you accord... More

How to Get Approved for a Home Loan

For those looking to get a home mortgage loan, here is what you can do. Come with a good or excellent credit score. Use cash for a down payment. Stay at your job for stability. Get rid of any debt. Recognize your budget. Image via Money Crashers. More

How to Pay Less for Health Insurance

Health insurance policies ease the financial burdens associated with healthcare, especially in cases of unexpected illness or injury. As with most types of insurance, they play the role of alleviating stress for policyholders, too. Still, some people choose to forego having a health insurance policy simply due to costs. If you’d like to ... More