How to Successfully Switch Car Insurance Providers

There are a multitude of competing car insurance companies these days, and each tries to win customers with special deals and opportunities. For this reason, it’s often worth your while to switch companies to cash in on extra savings. However, you want to make sure you switch in the proper way. Here are the tips you need to switch car insurance providers:

Make Sure There’s No Gap in Coverage

This tip is crucial: remember when switching car insurance that you’ll need to line up your new coverage date so that it picks up exactly where your old policy left off. Failing to do so means you could go days or weeks without car insurance. Not only is this against the law, but it also leaves you financially vulnerable in the case of an accident during the gap.

Investigate Cancellation Fees

Finding a great deal on car insurance is exciting, but if you end up owing early cancellation fees to your current provider, you may not be saving as much money as you think. Before cancelling, make sure you know whether you’ll be subject to any penalties. If so, you may prefer to wait until your policy is up before you make any changes.

Understand Any Refunds You’re Due

Some car insurance companies offer discounts to customers who pay in advance. If you cashed in on such a deal with your current provider, you may have money owed to you upon canceling your policy. If this is the case, make certain you understand how to get your money back prior to your policy ending.

Smart consumers examine car insurance options from time to time in order to get the best deal. However, going about the process in the right way is important, too. Use the tips above for switching car insurance so that you’re covering all your bases.

Image via Unsplash/Jaromir Kavan