Did you know that consumers have been paying an increasingly higher percentage of their medical costs in recent years? Even with health insurance, your checkbook can suffer if you get sick or have an accident. That’s why it’s so important to learn ways to save on health insurance before you sign up for your next policy. Check out the below tips for keeping your health insurance costs low.

Pick the Right Policy for You

It’s always good advice to shop around, but it can really impact the amount you pay for health insurance. You want to balance costs with the coverage that suits your needs. Call around or visit insurers’ websites to learn your options or, even better, use one of the many online tools available to help you compare and contrast available health plans based on your own health circumstances. Smart Financial offers one such service, and it can save you time and energy as you research available plans.

Shop Around for Your Medication

Overpaying on prescriptions is common, mostly because most people don’t know they have options. Your health insurer might have a preferred pharmacy, but by using coupons or signing up for a mail service for medication delivery, you may be able to find better prices elsewhere.

Take Advantage of the ‘Piggyback Plan’

While this tip doesn’t apply to everyone, it can save you a bundle if you’re under the age of 26. That’s because federal law allows you to stay on your parents’ health plan if you are 25 or younger. These piggyback plans usually offer much cheaper rates, and you’ll still receive a high level of coverage without having to shell out major cash.

We all need health insurance, but we shouldn’t have to overpay for it. Use the above tips to bank more of your money while still maintaining appropriate health coverage and having peace of mind for the health of yourself and your family.

Image via Unsplash/Online Marketing