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Six Auto Insurance Secrets You Should Know

Every driver wants to make sure they’re getting the best deal on car insurance, but dealing with providers can be a bit of a tricky business. Check out the below secrets from the car insurance industry to get up to speed before you sign for your next car insurance policy. Secret #1: Car Rental Agencies are Trying to Sell ... More

Two Types of Insurance to Protect Your Income

Knowing your income is protected no matter what happens can give you incredible peace of mind. To that end, both life insurance and disability insurance are helpful. However, to get the highest level of protection, you should have both types of policies – or a combination policy that provides both. Read on to learn more. ... More

It’s Smart to Keep a Backup Credit Card

Many people have at least one credit card, and there are financial perks to using one responsibly. However, with so many cards and fantastic perks available, why have just one? Getting a second credit card allows you to keep your options open when making purchases, and it can be useful in an emergency situation, too. Below ... More

Life Insurance is Critical – Even if You’re Young and Healthy

If you’re young and healthy, you may not think life insurance is for you. You may think it’s best for older people, or those with health conditions. While it’s true that these segments of the population may benefit most from having life insurance, it acts as an important financial safeguard for everyone, especially ... More

What You Need to Know About Loan Default

Most people who take out a loan have every intention of paying it back on time. However, life can get in the way of our best-laid plans, meaning loan defaults happen fairly frequently. Read on to learn what default means for your financial health, and what steps you should take. Image via Unsplash/neONBRAND Continue to ... More

Car Insurance Secrets You Probably Don’t Know

Every driver needs auto insurance, yet these policies can be confusing and filled with fine print. If you don’t know exactly what your “no fault policy” means or that making a claim can increase your rates, you could be in for some financial surprises, too. Read on to learn more about auto insurance so you can better ... More

Is a Second Mortgage Right for You?

Many homeowners have reason to apply for a second mortgage, which means an additional home loan on the same property on which you already have one mortgage loan. If you own a home and find yourself in need of an infusion of cash – for instance, to pay for a wedding or unexpected medical expense – a second mortgage could be ... More

Do You Need Flood Coverage on Your Homeowner’s Insurance?

Homeowner’s insurance is never one-size fits-all. You need the right policy for you and your home’s unique needs, so get specific about what you’re looking for in a policy. Typically, your homeowner’s insurance will not include flood insurance, though many homeowners will need it in order to protect their properties. ... More

Payday Loans Can Be Financially Damaging

Shirt-term loans, often called “payday loans”, are typically advertised as perfect for those with bad credit, who may not qualify for personal loans from traditional lenders like banks or credit unions. However, payday loans are dangerous for a variety of reasons. Borrowers should take caution before using this option. ... More

Three Things to Know About Second Mortgages

Are you wondering whether a second mortgage is the right financial move for you? The term “second mortgage” usually refers to an additional home loan on the same property on which you already have one mortgage. If you own a home and find yourself in need of an infusion of cash – say, to pay for a wedding or unexpected ... More